Beware of Water Moccasins

Went on a tour of the bay of Bay St. Louis, MS this morning with a team of survey engineers assessing Hurricane Isaac’s impact, starting at the Highway 90 Bridge and going south to the Silver Slipper Casino.  Several piers washed out, but for the most part, the damage is superficial.

Observed several flocks of pelicans resting on the shore, drying out their wings. One pelican was in dire stress; looked like it lost its feathers.   Most notable were the bloated nutria (a non-native rodent like creature that resembles a beaver) carcasses scattered across the sand and patches of sea grass seething with juvenile water moccasin nests.

Water Moccasin
Water Moccasin

Only real complaints heard from residents was the lack of cell service and loss of power (approximately 800 residents), and removing debris from their property.

Otherwise, shops are open and life is returning back to normal, for the most part.

Getting Back to Normal

Note:  Hurricane Isaac estimated to result in $700 million to $2 billion in losses.  Katrina cost $41 billion. 

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