Making It Happen!

As the planet’s climate and weather patterns change as a negative feedback response to global warming and our collective addiction to fossil fuels, communities throughout the world will need to develop and implement innovative strategies to adapt to climate change, build disaster resilient and sustainable communities, and action oriented citizens.

Cherri Foytlin, a mother of six and wife of an oil worker from Rayne, Louisiana, is an action oriented citizen who is doing more than talking the talk, she’s walking the (perp) walk to raise awareness of the effect fossil fuels are having on Gulf Coast communities, their ecosystems and economy.

Her action coincides with the Defend Our Coast activities in British Columbia, where more than 60 Canadian communities are protesting a proposed tar sands pipeline through their region.

Her goal is to connect individuals, groups and communities working to combat social and environmental injustices in the Gulf Coast, with national and global concerns through art, music, video, written word, and social impact media.

To learn more about Cherri’s individual efforts to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Defend of the Coast movement, click here.

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