GiveBIG for Compassion, Resiliency & Sustainability


Dear Fans,

I want to personally invite you to participate in the GiveBIG online charitable giving event being sponsored by our partner the Seattle Foundation, Wednesday, May15th.

Starting at midnight and ending at midnight (Pacific Daylight Time), GiveBIG is a one-day philanthropic event where donations are “stretched” for an even greater impact.  In our case, we will receive a $10,000 matching grant if we achieve our goal of raising $2,500 in 24-hours.

This is a huge and timely opportunity as we begin the 4th and final year of production on our social impact media project, Storm Surge.

Please help us make the most of this opportunity and GiveBIG next Wednesday.

I have faith that when enough people board the proverbial bus to sustainability, we will cross a threshold, and we can accomplish this goal together.

Warmest regards,

Stacy C. Noland
Producer & Director

P.S., Please ask five (5) friends to join with you for GiveBIG on May 15th.

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