What’s the best way to support people impacted by disasters?

Spawned from thunderstorms, tornadoes are one of mother nature’s most violent storms and can cause fatalities and devastate a neighborhood in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for ways to help residents of Oklahoma, impacted by the monstrous tornado storm on Monday, cash donations to on-the-ground relief organizations working directly with those affected is theContinue reading “What’s the best way to support people impacted by disasters?”

Occupy Love

You’ve seen the film.  Now it’s time to down load to app to co-create the largest collection of love on the Internet. Occupy Love Mobile App Grab the free app from iTunesand start snapping photos of a heart-shaped images that you find throughout your daily life. Add messages, tag an expression and upload the images to FoundLove.com.

GiveBIG for Compassion, Resiliency & Sustainability

Dear Fans, I want to personally invite you to participate in the GiveBIG online charitable giving event being sponsored by our partner the Seattle Foundation, Wednesday, May15th. Starting at midnight and ending at midnight (Pacific Daylight Time), GiveBIG is a one-day philanthropic event where donations are “stretched” for an even greater impact.  In our case, we will receiveContinue reading “GiveBIG for Compassion, Resiliency & Sustainability”