Filmmaker Blasted on Facebook After Disaster Relief Work

New York-based filmmaker, Casey Neistat, gets blasted on Facebook after spending $25,000 from 20th Century Fox on disaster relief supplies to assist the Filipino survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), and for making a movie trailer out of his experience .

Post by Casey Neistat.

In reply to one of the detractors to the project, Casey writes:

Max Ferrari i don’t have $25k to give to those in need. i saw an opportunity to help and so i did. if this benefits Fox then so be it. the idea that i shouldn’t have done this because it may or may not benefit Fox is a short sighted and naive one. i make a living making movies for companies. this is my job. i took no money, no paycheck from this. donated 100% of the money to those in need and did so with great efficiency than any NGO. before you throw stones ask yourself what you have done, what sacrifices you have made for those less fortunate. if making this little video is what i had to do to help feed over 10,000 people then it seems like a small price even if being judged by small minded negative people like yourself is part of that price. this movie, just like everyone of my movies online, is not monetized. regardless of view count i have and will make no money from it.”

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