May 23 2012 – Follow-Up Interviews in Joplin

We decided to heed Olaf’s advice about the importance of remembering to listen to your body so we slept in, cooked a nice breakfast and then drove over to the KOA for our first showers since we arrived in Joplin. We followed up on last year’s interview with Debra Fort, the Principal at Irving ElementaryContinue reading “May 23 2012 – Follow-Up Interviews in Joplin”

President Obama Delivers Commencement Speech to the Joplin High School Senior Class

Air Force One landed at Joplin Regional Airport at 6:24 CDT.  The President stepped off at 6:38. He was greeted by Sen. Claire McCaskill, Gov. Jay Nixon, Missouri First Lady Georganne Nixon, Rep. Billy Long and Joplin Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean. He walked over to the roughly 100 people waiting near the small terminal, standing outside on a beautifulContinue reading “President Obama Delivers Commencement Speech to the Joplin High School Senior Class”

Remarks by the President at the Joplin High Commencement

The Storm Surge team got credentials to film Obama’s arrival and departure in Joplin. He was in town to give the commencement speech for the high school. Here is the transcript: THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release May 21, 2012 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT THE JOPLIN HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENTContinue reading “Remarks by the President at the Joplin High Commencement”

Joplin – Production Day #1

Our team left Seattle at 11:00am  on Friday and drove non-stop to arrive in Joplin an hour earlier on Sunday and immediately went to work. Our first interview was with professional storm chasers, PDS Storm Tours whom we met at Cunningham park in the center of the tornado’s path. They shared insights into how toContinue reading “Joplin – Production Day #1”

Gulf Coast Vietnamese Fishermen Experience Biloxi Blues

The STORM SURGE Team recently spent several weeks in the Gulf Coast region interviewing individuals whose lives have been negatively affected by natural and man-made disasters – from hurricanes like Katrina, Ike and Rita, to the BP Oil Spill and the massive tornado storms earlier this past spring. In early September, we had the opportunityContinue reading “Gulf Coast Vietnamese Fishermen Experience Biloxi Blues”

Update: Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, chaired by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, today released for public review and feedback its comprehensive preliminary strategy for long term ecosystem restoration. The strategy, which will be presented to President Obama at the end of the public feedback period, represents an historic opportunity for addressing long-standing issues contributing to theContinue reading “Update: Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force”


Challenges & Opportunities. Residents living in the Midwest and Gulf Coast have suffered more than their fair share of natural and man-made disasters in recent years.  Floods have soaked communities along the Mississippi, super tornadoes have plowed through Alabama, oil has lacquered the Louisiana coastline, and the lingering effects from Hurricane Katrina and the Great Recession haveContinue reading “Home”