Dumpster Diving for Nutria

Two days after Hurricane Isaac slammed into the Gulf Coast, I heard reports that the beaches in Southern Mississippi were closed because storm debris had washed ashore.  My initial hunch told me there was more to the story that wasn’t being told to the public. Could there be tar logs from the BP Deepwater Horizon?Continue reading “Dumpster Diving for Nutria”

River Rats (aka the Normandy Beach of Nutria)

Storm surge from Hurricane Isaac killed thousands of  river rats in Southern Mississippi.  The trail of carcasses  extend for miles along the beach from the  Highway 90 Bridge south to the Sliver Slipper Casino.  Coyotes and Wild Hogs scattered n the mix.  The stench is awful.  Coast Guard presence heavy, both land and air, working in partnershipContinue reading “River Rats (aka the Normandy Beach of Nutria)”