Wanted: Vietnamese Translator and Transcriber

Vietnamese Screen Capture

Scope:  Translate and transcribe approximately four (4) hours of video and audio content captured during a series of interviews with a family of Gulf Coast Vietnamese shrimp and oyster fishermen for the documentary film, Storm Surge.   Their lives and livelihoods were negatively affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Catastrophe in April 2010, yet they endeavor to persevere to this day.

Schedule:  2 to 4 weeks

Compensation:  Acknowledgement in the closing credits, an autographed copy of the film on DVD, and a private screening of the film once released.

About Storm Surge
Storm Surge is a production of the Moontown Foundation, an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to creating expedition-based education and leadership development opportunities in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social impact media for youth and young adults.  Storm Surge is a multi-episode documentary film series that peers into lives of three reluctant heroes working to help their respective communities survive, rebuild, and recover in the aftermath of deadliest and most destructive disasters in American history.  Storm Surge is emotional, seductively uplifting, and rejoiceful.  For more information, visit www.stormsurgefilm.com.

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