Citizen Action Team’s Relief Database

If you know people on the East Coast in need of, or can offer disaster relief and recovery support, please turn them onto the Citizen Action Team’s Database. Their service has been operational since Hurricane Katrina, and is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for survivors, volunteers, responders, and community to find and offer vital information, services and suppliesContinue reading “Citizen Action Team’s Relief Database”

A Special Message From Stacy Noland

Whether you believe in global change or not, chances are good that you or someone close to you will have their lives turned upside down by a weather-related disaster.  From earthquakes and super tornadoes to the lingering impacts of hurricanes, floods, fires, droughts, oil spills, and levee breaks, tens of millions of people throughout AmericaContinue reading “A Special Message From Stacy Noland”

Hurricane Sandy Information Clearinghouse

This “Hurricane Sandy” Facebook page is an information clearinghouse for accurate, timely information related to Hurricane Sandy and subsequent recovery efforts.  Since Facebook has changed the way pages shows up in news feeds. If you want every update, you must: 1) Go to the “Hurricane Sandy” page. 2) Hover your mouse over where it saysContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy Information Clearinghouse”

The Perfect $1 Billion Storm

With Hurricane Sandy churning from the South, an early winter storm barreling in from the West, arctic air sweeping in from the North and a full-moon affecting the tides, the mid-Atlantic, New England and eastern Canada, are set for a “perfect storm” early next week.   The convergence of weather has the potential to produceContinue reading “The Perfect $1 Billion Storm”

Making It Happen!

As the planet’s climate and weather patterns change as a negative feedback response to global warming and our collective addiction to fossil fuels, communities throughout the world will need to develop and implement innovative strategies to adapt to climate change, build disaster resilient and sustainable communities, and action oriented citizens. Cherri Foytlin, a mother ofContinue reading “Making It Happen!”

Gulf Coast Activist Cherri Foytlin Arrested Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline

Fresh from an inspirational weekend at the Bioneers 2012 Conference in San Francisco, our partner and friend, Cherri Foytlin, a mother of six and wife of an Gulf Coast oilfield worker, chained herself to the gate of a Keystone XL pipeyard earlier today in Winnsboro, Texas. Effectively blocking pipe from being shipped to construction sites alongContinue reading “Gulf Coast Activist Cherri Foytlin Arrested Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline”

New Study Claims Extreme Hurricanes Hitting U.S. More Frequently

On Monday, a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, or PNAS, concluded that large Katrina-sized hurricanes were twice as likely to form off the United States’ southeast coast in hotter years than they were in colder years. The analysis, which focused only on the North Atlantic,  also concludedContinue reading “New Study Claims Extreme Hurricanes Hitting U.S. More Frequently”