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Thirty Million Gallons Under the Sea

Following the trail of BP’s oil in the Gulf of Mexico

One morning in March of last year, I set out from Gulfport, Mississippi, on a three-week mission aboard the U.S. Navy research vessel Atlantis. The 274-foot ship, painted a crisp white and blue, stood tall in the bright sunlight. On its decks were winches, cranes, seafloor-mapping sonar, a machine shop, and five laboratories. Stowed in an alcove astern was Alvin, the federal government’s only manned research submarine. “Research vessel Atlantis outbound,” A. D. Colburn, the ship’s captain, reported into the ship radio.

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giveBIG Challenge 2014

giveBIG14 The giveBIG Challenge starts in six (6) hours.

We’re excited to participate in the Seattle Foundation’s Fourth Annual giveBIG Challenge tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6th.

All donations made through the Seattle Foundation website during the 24-hour giveBIG event will be ‘stretched’ by The Seattle Foundation and giveBIG sponsors. This means that donations of any size, big or small, will make an even greater impact.

Your donation will automatically enter you into a drawing to win a golden ticket! The golden ticket will provide an additional $1,000 to your donation and you will win a $100 gift card. The Seattle Foundation will announce the winning nonprofits and donors on social media throughout the day.

Mark your calendar and encourage your friends to donate by forwarding this e-mail and sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts.

giveBIG to the Mooontown Foundation TOMORROW!


Oso Landslide Up Close & Personal

On Tuesday, March 25, 2014, we deployed to the Oso, Washington Landslide to document the disaster response and recovery life cycle from end to end. On our second day in the field, we were granted permission to venture into the 1500 foot wide primordial debris zone to witness the brave men, women, and K9 units search for victims buried under tons of mud, rocks, trees, and household materials.

Social Impact Media Training at Oso Mudslide
Media Training at Oso Mudslide

As we were making preparations to enter the slide, a women named Mary K volunteered and we accepted her offer to help take photos and shoot video inside the debris zone. Mary lost a close friend in the slide, so this was an opportunity to help honor and bring closure to her loss.

Up Close and personal at the #530Slide debris field.
Up Close and personal at the #530Slide debris field.

Last Call…

To Buy Tickets for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Remembrance Event Tomorrow at Wing Luke Museum.

An event showcasing the creative works of three critically acclaimed Pacific Northwest artists using the power of film, music, and social media to both honor the victims of the disaster and celebrate the resiliency of the Japanese people.

Michael Stone

Disaster Response Expert Gisli Olafsson

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Gisli Olafsson World renown disaster response expert, Gisli Olafsson to speak at Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Remembrance Event. Olafsson is the Emergency Response Director of NetHope and author of “The Crisis Leader,” and is considered as a disaster experts, expert. Gisli has over 15 years of experience in the field of disaster management, and is the Emergency Response Director of NetHope, an organization that uses information communication technology to help humanitarian organizations like the United Nations, International Federation of Red Cross, World Bank, USAID and NATO respond to natural and human-caused disasters. Gisli is a member of the UN’s Disaster Assessment and Coordination team, a team of experienced disaster managers that can deploy anywhere in the world on 6-hours notice to coordinate the first response of the international community to disasters on behalf of the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Gisli was a team leader for Iceland’s international Urban Search and Rescue team (ICE-SAR) after the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 and has served as part of Iceland’s National Search and Rescue Command. Locally, Gisli was a lead member of King County’s Emergency Operation Centre’s Support team and took part in coordinating over 100 disaster management and SAR incidents. In recent years Gisli has participated in disaster field missions in connections with floods in Ghana (2007), Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (2008), Hurricane Ike in Texas (2008), Sichuan Earthquake (2008), Pandemic Outbreak (2009), West Sumatra Earthquake (2009), Haiti Earthquake (2010), Japan Earthquake/Tsunami (2011) and Horn of Africa famine (2011).